Expertise Development

ZS’s Capability & Expertise Center (CEC) provides an environment for continual learning and growth.

Because each project requires a unique solution, the best training comes from hands-on experience.

ZS offers a variety of opportunities for development across our capability groups:

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Operations
  • Business Technology

At ZS, small teams of experts serve as “expertise centers.” Expertise centers focus on defining core skills and relevant training as a means of facilitating knowledge sharing among ZSers to enhance project delivery.

Our associates work with and learn from experienced ZS team members to acquire and further their skills in project delivery coordination, client management, methodology development and system design.

ZSers may focus on and become experts in a particular area or develop strengths in a few areas and remain conversant in others.

ZS provides project-related and structured training throughout your career to prepare you for increasing responsibility.

The Orientation Program offers an overview of the firm and introduces basic tools, resources and key ZS practice areas.

ZStart Academy is a 4-day onboarding experience planned in regular intervals throughout the year.

ZStart reinforces ZS values, strategy and culture. The ZStart experience includes Senior Leader presentations and foundational capability group sessions with an integrated case woven throughout the sessions.

Following ZStart, ZS offers a variety of ongoing interactive learning and development courses:

Just-in-time” trainings prep ZSers prior to starting new projects.

Lunchtime brown-bag presentations provide a forum for idea sharing and learning.

Hands-on skill-building courses help ZSers build their consulting expertise and knowledge .

Expert training sessions ensure ZSers learn and apply the latest ZS strategies and practices as Principals, Managers and Consultants share their tips and tricks.

The Toastmasters Club brings together ZSers in New Delhi and Pune on a weekly basis to hone their speaking and leadership skills. Since its inception in 2012, the ZS Toastmaster Club has been instrumental in shaping the career map of numerous ZSers by helping them become more effective communicators.

Every ZSer in India has the opportunity to enhance his or her project experience and increase personal impact through a unique career development program called EVOLVE. This program enables  continual learning and growth   through  ongoing role-evolution discussions.

ZS will also financially support relevant industry accreditations and certifications and encourages ZSers to develop additional industry expertise.