AffinityMonitor™ 2014 Executive Summary

While Many Physicians’ Doors Appear Closed to Promotion, Pharma Companies Now Have the Keys to Unlock Them

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have dozens of promotional channels at their disposal, including traditional methods, like detailing and speaker programs, and digital ones, like email, microsites and video.

Every doctor engages with these channels in his or her own unique manner. Some physicians want to interact with sales reps; others restrict rep details and instead get information from peers. One doctor might regularly use a mobile app for product information, often during a patient consultation, but a fellow physician, who might work in the same practice, rarely surfs the Web for information.

Now, for the first time, there is a way to distinguish individual physicians’ affinities toward specific channels: ZS’s AffinityMonitor™. The initial version of this report contains affinity and engagement data on more than 500,000 individual physicians across all major specialties, representing 46 million customer interactions with pharma companies.

This executive summary of AffinityMonitor™ shows key findings and market trends from the report, offers insights on what the findings mean, provides a vision of pharma and biotech’s sales and marketing future, and illustrates how individual customer affinities fit into it.

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About the Experts

Pratap Khedkar is ZS’s Managing Principal for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, based in Philadelphia. He has advised many pharmaceutical and health-care companies on a wide range of sales and marketing issues, including multichannel marketing, marketing mix, promotion response measurement, managed-care issues, sales force strategy and incentive compensation.

Malcolm Sturgis leads ZS’s AffinityMonitor™ offering. He has advised pharmaceutical and biotech clients on a range of strategic marketing issues, including brand strategy, opportunity assessment, investment optimization, multichannel planning and sales force design.