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Navigating the Secrets of Sales Force Effectiveness

Jan 16, 2013, 11:00 am EST | Live Webinar
Hosted by the Chally Group

Ty Curry

ZS Principal Ty Curry will discuss ZS’s SFE Navigator™ framework for sales force effectiveness, and the open-access online toolset for evaluating your SFE priorities. The live webinar is hosted by the Chally Group and will be moderated by Chally VP Scott Hudson.

Your sales force is a key element of your profitable organic growth, and sales force effectiveness (SFE) is now a clear executive priority. What is less clear is the path to significant SFE gains—gains which can deliver growth of 5% - 15%, and sometimes 20% or more. Sales leaders serious about SFE struggle with diagnosing performance gaps and establishing turnaround priorities. It can feel like driving in unknown territory with no GPS and an out-of-date map.

Join us for this webinar, to hear Ty Curry of ZS Associates introduce and discuss SFE Navigator™, an open-access online tool for those who want to tune-up or transform their sales organization.

SFE Navigator™ was developed by ZS Associates, the sales and marketing consulting firm, and recently made available to all sales practitioners. It provides a granular, systematic toolset for diagnosing current state performance—and evaluating which elements, if improved, will generate the most growth. It’s an in-depth framework for creating a clear roadmap to change.



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