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Sales Quota Setting - Getting the Results You Need

Oct. 16 - Dec. 15, 2012 | Blended Learning Course

Developing a sales quota plan that is both effective and fair is always challenging. Setting quotas too high can give you the illusion that you’re close to making your revenue goals, yet it very well may frustrate your sales force who see them as unachievable. Setting quotas too low will negatively impact revenue and result in under-performing sales teams. Improving your understanding of effective sales quota processes, and learning how to set more accurate and fair quotas, can lead to enormous benefits for your organization—from improved sales force motivation to reduced compensation cost of sales (CCOS) and overall higher sales.

This course will provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to find the right balance in setting fair and obtainable sales quotas. Participants of this course will:

  • Gain an overview of the quota setting process
  • Learn how to collect data and metrics
  • Understand different quota methodology
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the best one
  • Learn how to check for accuracy and fairness by performing sensitivity testing and simulations
  • Learn how to improve organizational buy-in of quotas and alleviate confusion by applying effective communications techniques.


Chad Albrecht ZS Associates

Chad Albrecht

Chad Albrecht
Principal, ZS Associates, CSCP

Chad Albrecht is a Principal with ZS Associates, and leads the medical products and B2B sales compensation practices. Chad is a Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP) and has 15 years consulting experience with Hewitt Associates and ZS Associates. During that time, he has consulted with clients to create and implement motivational sales incentive plans and set fair and challenging sales quotas. Chad has worked with clients in many industries including medical devices, software, business services, telecom, distribution and manufacturing.

Chad is the author of several articles in publications including Compensation and Benefits Review, World at Work Journal, Sales and Marketing Management, and Workspan. In addition, he is a regular speaker on sales compensation topics at multiple conferences. Chad has an MBA with distinction from the University of Michigan and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

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