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ePharma 2016

Feb 29 – Mar 2, 2016 | New York


ZS Principal Pratap Khedkar will address how to “Orchestrate Your Customers’ Experience” and lead a panel exploration of the subject at the annual ePharma conference.

Orchestrate Your Customers’ Experience
Pratap Khedkar, Managing Principal, ZS Associates

  • Customer preferences have changed, and customers now expect to be engaged with relevant content via channels they prefer.
  • A carefully orchestrated customer experience across sales and marketing, based upon customer preferences, will enable pharmaceutical companies to succeed in this environment.
  • Integrating promotional planning across sales and marketing will enable you to deliver the right message, at the right time, through the customer’s preferred channel. This discussion will highlight:
    • Definition of, and motivation for, integrated sales and marketing promotion planning
    • Keys to understanding how customer values and preferences drive integrated promotion planning
    • Approach to deploying integrated promotion planning
    • Benefits achieved by clients implementing integrated planning
    • How to get started on your integrated promotion journey to drive implementation success

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