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HNC BioData World

HNC BioData World

April 26-27 l San Francisco, California

Join ZS at HNC BioData World to learn:

  • How to identify where to apply Big Data analytics in a pharma company?
  • How can teams accelerate new insights and tap into data that is there, but not accessible today?
  • Can Big Data really change the way scientists, engineers and commercial teams support drug development?
  • How is running a big data project different from legacy data warehouses and business intelligence?

ZS Speaker: Mahmood Majeed and Sandeep Varma

Mahmood Majeed
Managing Principal

Sandeep Varma


ZS Managing Principal, Mahmood Majeed, will host a panel composed of industry leaders from Amgen, Intercept Pharmaceuticals and ZS expert Sandeep Varma to discuss how Big Data is taking the guesswork out of medicine at HNC BioData World.

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