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PMSA 2019 Annual Conference

PMSA 2019 Annual Conference

April 15-17, 2019 l Grand Hyatt San Diego – San Diego, California

Local Healthcare Market Analytics: Approach and Case Studies
Abhishek Panditrao - Associate Principal, ZS
Himanshu Patni - Manager, ZS
Nilay Shastri - Senior Field Operations and Analytics Manager Genentech

Monday, April 15 – 11:00am-11:45am

Discover how to tackle today’s heterogeneous business environment by developing flexible local go-to-market strategies.

Supercharge Your Brand: Applications of Contemporary Techniques in Brand Management
James Bierman - Associate Principal, ZS
Vikas Hegde - Data Science Manager, ZS
Prakash Prakash - Data Science Manager, ZS
Tuesday, April 16 – 10:00am-10:45am

Explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can drive more insightful pipeline marketing decision-making.

ZS Speakers: Abhishek Panditrao, James Bierman, Vikas Hegde and Himanshu Patni

Abhishek Panditrao
Associate Principal

James Bierman
Associate Principal

Vikas Hegde
Data Science Manager

Himanshu Patni
Decision Analytics Manager

ZS experts will share insights on topics that impact pharma commercial organizations, including customer experience, predicting patient severity, artificial intelligence, and more.

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