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The MedTech Forum

The MedTech Forum

May 14-16, 2019 | Museum of Science and Industry – Paris, France

In today's landscape, market access for digital technologies is often hampered by the lack of adequate financing methods. The most common reimbursement models in Europe usually finance health providers delivering services and procedures. But the emergence of digital technologies that improve outcomes, ease of access and quality of life outside the normal healthcare setting pose a challenge to these reimbursement models. Innovative medtech companies continue to develop and bring new digital health technologies to market, by partnering in new ways with payers or by finding new revenue streams. This session will offer reflections and case studies of successful business models for digital health, in Europe and beyond.

ZS Speaker: Matt Scheitlin

Matt Scheitlin


At the MedTech Forum, ZS Principal Matt Scheitlin will be participating in a joint presentation on “New Business Models for Digital Health: A Look at Value”, with Lucile Blaise from ResMed and Alex Moussa from EMEA Medtronic.

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