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New Tool Offers Roadmap to Growth and Profitability in Technology Industry

– Publicly available sales force effectiveness framework from ZS Associates helps identify path to increase sales, market share –

EVANSTON, Ill., February 26, 2013 – Companies that move from average to excellent sales force effectiveness (SFE) regularly increase organic growth between 5 and 15 percent—and some have even achieved more than 20 percent growth. As the high tech industry continues to innovate and sales emphasis shifts from products to solutions, improving SFE is essential to ensure a competitive advantage.

SFE Navigator™, a new comprehensive SFE framework from global consulting firm ZS Associates, helps sales executives identify specific drivers to enhance sales force effectiveness and accelerate growth. Available to sales practitioners and academic communities, the SFE Navigator™ also opens the door to a broader discussion of how sales leaders can customize their SFE approach to their individual situations.

"Selling in the high tech industry has become increasingly complex given buyer sophistication, the trend toward IT as a Service and shifts in channel business models, the ‘consumerization’ of IT and the explosion of data.  While these trends have increased the importance of sales, the function continues to be poorly understood – particularly the drivers of sales performance," said Ashish Vazirani, managing principal and leader of the high tech industry practice at ZS Associates. "Technology companies that are winning in this challenging environment are the ones that understand the most important sales effectiveness drivers that lead to growth."

The SFE Navigator™ incorporates leading practice benchmarks and impact assessments to provide a high level of objectivity, accuracy and specificity. This evaluation and prioritization tool helps companies achieve the following outcomes:

  • Comprehensive and detailed understanding of the core drivers of SFE.
  • Tight alignment between SFE decisions and growth opportunities critical to the success of companies and their sales forces.
  • Better understanding of interdependencies between drivers for more complete assessments and planning.
  • Ongoing business capability for continuous improvements and large-scale transformations.

"The SFE Navigator™ is the culmination of a year-long initiative to advance the state of the art in sales force effectiveness," said Michael B. Moorman, managing principal and leader of the sales strategy and transformation practice at ZS Associates. "Our goal with this initiative is to help companies identify gaps and set priorities for improvement. We chose this area of focus because many organizations struggle with this capability."

For more information and access to the SFE Navigator™, visit www.sfenavigator.com. To view a recent blog post on "Choose Less, Achieve More: How to Laser-Focus Your SFE Initiative," visit: http://bit.ly/ZS-AV5

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