Evanston, Ill.—May 8, 2018—ZS Principal Jean-Jacques “JJ” Raoult was recently honored by Consulting magazine as one of its Top 25 Consultants for 2018. Each year, the prestigious list recognizes consultants making the greatest impact on the industry.


“I am humbled to be ranked alongside such talented and inspiring individuals,” said Raoult, who specializes in the pharmaceutical space. “It’s an honor to be acknowledged for my unwavering dedication to a field that I have served and loved for many years.“


Raoult’s extraordinary achievements stem from his visionary thinking and willingness to take risks in order to discover creative ways to solve complex problems. He routinely explores new angles and develops innovative solutions that evolve into industry standards.


Over the course of his career, Raoult demonstrated a unique ability to step outside of the typical consultant mindset and examine scenarios from the client, patient and human perspectives. That practice enabled him to pioneer ZS’s customer and patient journey frameworks, setting the stage for the renowned customer service and change management offerings that are now staples of ZS’s service model.


Raoult’s emotive perspective was critical in informing his approach to establishing ZS’s Creative and Design team in recent years. By infusing design thinking and “the human element” into every aspect of the firm’s work, Raoult and his team help draw personal connections within the industry-leading solutions ZS delivers with clients.


His incredible accomplishments and contributions to ZS notwithstanding, Raoult is also a recognized and respected leader within the firm. His commitment to coaching and the genuine interest he takes in the success of his junior colleagues has helped many take the next step in their careers.


“The ability to shape your future at ZS helps separate us from the status quo, where traditional paths are set for you,” said Raoult. “We have the flexibility to break free from the traditional way of doing things to transform how clients engage with the market and their customers.”


Learn more about Raoult, his amazing career and the other 24 top consultants in the special Top 25 issue of Consulting.

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Susan Brophy