—REVO Evidence is the only solution of its kind that works across functions to help pharmaceutical companies build a viable and scalable real-world evidence capability —


EVANSTON, Ill.—June 26, 2018 —Building on the success of REVO Analytics, an enterprise-grade, end-to-end analytics platform, global management consulting firm ZS has released a cross-functional solution to help pharmaceutical companies enable viable real-world evidence (RWE) capabilities. REVO Evidence consists of a series of RWE-related analytics applications, tailored to specific functions within pharmaceutical organizations.


As healthcare continues its evolution from volume to value, pharmaceutical companies are driving toward more patient-centric drug development. To that end, RWE—derived from the analysis of real world data (RWD) sources such as administrative claims, electronic health records and registries, digital health and social media data—can help companies achieve more efficient drug development and gain a more holistic picture of a drug’s value. However, a successful RWE strategy requires a “federated model,” an approach that facilitates cross-functional collaboration on the science and analytics (from groups like HEOR, MA, Commercial, Safety and R&D), while centralizing the technology infrastructure.


“Traditionally, functional groups have operated in silos while procuring, curating and analyzing real world data, leading to duplication-of-efforts and inconsistencies in answering evidence-related questions,” says ZS Principal Abhay Jha.


REVO Evidence is made up of three foundational modules: Data Explorer, Concept Builder and Cohort Builder. These modules allow business users (outcomes researchers, clinical trial and drug safety specialists, HEOR experts, medical affairs and commercial teams, and other RWD users) to collaborate, explore, define and prepare data for analysis. These collaboration-focused modules drastically reduce time and effort for data identification and preparation, activities that currently occupy 80% of the average data scientist’s time.


Additional REVO Evidence applications are designed for multiple functions such as clinical development, medical affairs, HEOR, safety and commercial, allowing functional areas to analyze RWD specific to their needs.


“This is how the platform supports a federated consumption model,” Jha says, “Centralized data exploration, definition and preparation while encouraging independent analytics by functional groups”.


REVO Evidence works with the REVO Analytics platform and is available via a Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model. REVO Evidence allows companies to choose a technology approach that suits their needs—either cloud-based, or on premise with appropriate customization. The flexibility of the solution means REVO Evidence can benefit companies at any stage in their RWE maturity and can be leveraged by all types of business users as well as data scientists.


ZS’s real world evidence lead, Qin Ye adds: “Many pharma companies are paralyzed when it comes to scaling RWE into a true capability. REVO Evidence is designed to be an enterprise-wide solution making such a capability real and sustainable. It’s designed to liberate the use of real world data for the entire organization.”


REVO Evidence is currently being used by select clients, but will be available for industry-wide use in the coming weeks.  The release of REVO Evidence is part of ZS’s ongoing dedication to improving and expanding the use of RWE across the pharmaceutical industry.

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Susan Brophy