Evanston, Ill.—March 12, 2019—Vickye Jain, an associate principal at ZS, was recently recognized by Consulting magazine as one of the 2019 “Rising Stars of the Profession”—which celebrates the top 35 consultants under the age of 35.


“I’m humbled by this recognition, as I believe it speaks to the impact my teams have made for our clients and their industries,” said Jain, who was recognized specifically for his commitment to client service. “My success is a byproduct of my team’s hard work, so I have them to thank for their support and dedication.”


Jain’s ingenuity, passion and empathy have earned him a reputation for building strong relationships with his clients, who hold him in high regard for the combination of technology and business acumen he brings to the table. By advancing his clients’ organizations through technology, analytics and innovative solutions, he’s helped amplify the pharmaceutical industry’s impact on patients.


In his 10 years at ZS, Jain has played an integral role in establishing ZS’s ability to build cutting-edge analytics solutions for clients. He’s helped redefine the concept of Big Data—empowering clients to efficiently analyze the insights they generate and use them to make smarter business decisions. Overall, his efforts helped to significantly expand ZS’s technology business since 2010—establishing the firm’s credibility in the Big Data analytics space by maximizing clients’ competitive advantage with data-driven business insights.


Most recently, Jain led a first-of-its-kind data lake project for one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies—centralizing data across multiple functional areas to increase processing speed and deliver a step change in analytics capabilities. In addition to a significant cost reduction, the solution helped move his client to the forefront of their industry.


What these examples don’t capture is the authenticity and honesty Jain brings to every engagement. With his collaborative and approachable nature, he’s forged a number of trusted relationships that extend beyond the workplace.


“During my time at ZS, living and working in both India and the U.S., I’ve come to view projects through a unique lens,” said Jain. “I’ve had the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with amazing clients who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. I appreciate the trust they’ve placed in me, as it’s led us to achieve meaningful results together.”


Read more about Jain and other recipients of the Rising Stars of the Profession award in the February/March 2019 issue of Consulting.

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Susan Brophy