Adam is a managing principal leading ZS’s North America West region. He has extensive experience across most strategic and tactical issues across life sciences with health plans and providers, pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies.



In both North America and Europe, Adam has worked almost exclusively in life sciences for over 20 years, helping transform organizations from a product focus to a customer focus. He has helped startups build the infrastructure to commercialize life-saving medications, and helped other companies streamline operations to remove hundreds of millions of dollars from their SG&A expenses.


Adam’s proudest moments are when his work directly impacts the lives of patients, from helping them live longer through new, life-saving medications to helping them receive and afford high-quality healthcare. Recently he has been working on the launch of a new gene therapy, helping patients receive and afford this new transformational therapy targeting a rare disease in children.



Adam’s background is in actuarial science. Before joining ZS, Adam worked with health plans and group insurance at Mercer Consulting, helping employer groups achieve high-quality and affordable healthcare.



Adam holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, and an H.SC in statistics and actuarial science.