Baris oversees the global health economics services space, and he works closely with internal and external clients to maximize the impact of health economic evidence in reimbursement strategy and decision-making. Baris’s responsibilities include scientific leadership and operational management of projects that involve the development of health economic models, literature reviews, indirect treatment comparisons and the development of HEOR evidence road maps.



Baris has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic areas and led projects that included reimbursement submissions to health technology assessment (HTA) agencies, the development of payer value stories for new and existing products, and early health economic assessment of pipeline and commercialized assets to inform brand strategy.



Prior to joining ZS, Baris served in various roles and capacities both within the industry and on the consultancy side of the business. In his last role, he was leading the meta research practice area at Evidera.



Baris holds a master’s of science in operations research from Northeastern University in Boston and a mechanical engineering degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.