Caitlin is scrum master I certified, and experienced in the application of agile principles in project design and management. She has designed and facilitated 10-plus cross-functional, multiday workshops (from eight to 30 participants) leveraging agile and design thinking methodology, and largely focused in commercial and organization strategy.



Caitlin has experience in the design and execution of global payer and HCP market research, with a strong focus on market access and the design and co-facilitation of workshops in market access, portfolio contracting, value messaging and commercialization strategy.



Prior to joining ZS, Caitlin completed a Ph.D. in cardiovascular medicinal chemistry. Her research focused on early stage drug discovery, specifically using a combination of organic chemistry, biochemistry stem cell biology and microscopy to identify chemical molecules that stimulate heart regeneration.



Caitlin has a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford with a focus on cardiovascular medicinal chemistry. She also has a Master of Chemistry from the University of Manchester.