Ekaterina has worked with ZS clients in North and South America, Europe and Asia in numerous practice areas, including compensation design, business analytics, sales force effectiveness and organizational structure. Ekaterina’s current focus is helping her clients achieve operational excellence through streamlining, transforming and automating their processes.



Ekaterina has audited, redesigned and automated sales-force-related processes for 5-plus organizations in the past year. In addition to her engineering background and mindset, she attributes her knack for finding solutions in large part to her having been a process owner herself, thus knowing what it is like to be in their shoes.



Ekaterina’s background is in applied mathematics and engineering. Before ZS, she worked at Disney Parks and Resorts Online and Aeropuertos Argentina to design personalized customer experiences for maximum customer pull-through in digital channels



Ekaterina holds a bachelor’s in financial engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.