In his role as a data science manager, Wenhao is focused on helping clients build their own analytics capabilities in data science and advanced analytics. Wenhao is currently focused on driving advanced analytics adoption across multiple medtech firms.



During his nine years with ZS, Wenhao has helped numerous clients with their analytical and data science needs. Wenhao has experience both across traditional statistical analysis (marketing mix, attribution modeling, test/control, etc.) as well as advanced machine learning analytics (predictive analytics, recommender systems, deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc.). In addition, he is also experienced in the implementation of data science learnings across the organization.



Prior to joining ZS, Wenhao served as an analyst for several brands at an online ad agency, where he was responsible for conducting A/B statistical tests across multiple products, online marketing channels and ad creative.



Wenhao holds a master’s in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds a bachelor’s in business administration and statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.