What We Do

"We help drive topline revenues for clients with innovative sales and marketing strategies."

At ZS, you partner with clients during all parts of the process, from analyzing issues to implementing solutions.

You'll combine your expertise with our clients’ judgment and experience to help evaluate the benefits and risks of strategic options.

To address the increasingly diverse nature of our business, work is delivered in four broad capability areas.

Within each of these areas, ZSers coordinate with one another, develop expertise and make use of processes and tools that maximize efficiency.

At ZS, employees see success in building a portfolio of skills.

As your skillset continues to develop, you are encouraged to bring your unique perspective to your position.

In addition to our consulting capability areas, ZS has an internal corporate support organization that operates ZS business functions and supports our client-facing professionals.

Make an impact where it matters:

  • Focus on finding the right answer and design strategies to achieve organization acceptance and change.
  • Core skills include issue-based problem solving, change management, econometric modeling and data mining, and quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • Focus on designing and building the right technology solutions to ensure efficient implementation.
  • Core skills include data modeling and architecture, business intelligence, CRM platforms, enterprise information management, mobile sales enablement and software system integration.
  • Focus on supporting clients and onshore project teams on their ongoing sales and marketing business analytics and operations needs. The group typically operates from a client location.
  • Core skills include attention to detail, understanding of data and business processes, strong communication and efficiently executing repeating tasks with accuracy and discipline.
  • Focus on operating core business support functions, interacting with internal stakeholders, other corporate support teams and external entities and vendors.
  • Core skills include initiative, professionalism, problem-solving ability, strong team and stakeholder communication and existing expertise within the functional area.