Provide internal information technology solutions and support for ZS, including custom enterprise web and ERP applications, IT infrastructure and technology support.

Identify, design and execute strategic partnerships across the business. Bring innovation to market and drive client impact through working with partners.

Advise on legal matters, review contracts, and proactively assess and manage the firm’s risk exposure. Ensure compliance with client services agreements, and support vendor and employment contracts.

Develop and execute successful recruiting programs, learning and expertise-development initiatives, strategic staffing assignments, effective reporting and analytics, performance management processes, and work-life benefits and operations.

Raise awareness of ZS, brand the firm, develop industry insights, and support the business development process with marketing and events support.

Build the ZS brand, create internal and external communication strategies, develop creative design, champion thought leadership, and engage our past, present and future workforce.

Oversee financial matters, including planning, analysis, reporting, accounts receivable, general ledger and tax.

Provide services to ZS professionals across the globe, including travel-planning operations, event coordination and facilities management.