ZS Big Data Challenge

ZS Big Data Challenge

ZS is at the frontier of advancing big data. One of our recent innovations leverages Amazon cloud technology and a scalable elastic infrastructure to help our clients reduce the time it takes for them to manufacture and deliver their pharma products to those who are in critical need.

We’re looking for the next generation of big data architects—those who are highly skilled in using the latest cutting-edge technology to creatively solve business problems—to join our team at the intersection of big data and consulting. Our big data experts have strong business acumen and can help us continue bringing innovation to our clients.

The ZS Big Data Challenge is an opportunity for U.S.-based big data experts to solve a multifaceted problem that provides a view into ZS’s work. During the challenge, you will be expected to prepare business-ready data from the provided sample dataset using any method. Participating in the challenge will test your skills and prove your readiness to join ZS on the frontier of advancing big data.

ZS will evaluate you on:

  • How, as a data engineer, you would use big data technologies to process data for business use
  • Your knowledge of big data technologies, including Spark, Python and AWS
  • Your proficiency in identifying the right architecture to approach the solution
  • How you optimize the solution for efficiency

Participants can look forward to great prizes and an educational experience:

  • Top participants will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to ZS’s Los Angeles office, where they will present their findings to industry leaders
  • First-, second- and third-place winners will receive great prizes, like a MacBook, iPad Pro and Apple Watch
  • Participants will experience a day in the life of a consultant at our global firm, and get the chance to take part in an expedited interview process for solution delivery consultants on our business technology team

The challenge is open to U.S. citizens with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and less than eight years of work experience.

To learn more and register for this year’s challenge, visit HackerEarth.