Global Careers

Career Advancement

The ability to shape your future at ZS helps separate us from the status quo, where traditional paths are set for you.

Having the freedom to chart their own career paths allows ZSers to feed their curiosity and explore the areas of our business that interest them the most.

We also hold ZSers to a high standard of workmanship. We believe when our people advance, so does ZS – and so do our clients.

Partnering for Performance

ZS provides you with the tools to be a top performer from the moment you’re hired.

As a new team member, you’re paired with a development manager to help you adapt quickly and get the advice, resources and training you need to accelerate your career. Together, you’ll establish goals, measure progress and explore opportunities for professional growth.

New associates and consultants also enter our first-year peer cohort program, the 1Y Program. 1Y helps you learn your new role and office, and connects you with new colleagues.

Open Feedback

ZS isn’t held back by hierarchy. We operate in a flat work environment, meaning we want everyone’s voice to be heard. That’s why we hold one another accountable to do our best.

We believe in open feedback at all levels of the organization. Everyone from associates to principals delivers both formal and informal feedback on a regular basis. This way, you always know where you stand, and you get the recognition you deserve. Whether it’s during prep for a client meeting, upon completion of a major project or within our twice-a-year performance summaries, we’re constantly helping one another excel.