Global Careers

Life After ZS

Whether your career spans three years or 30, we develop deep connections with each person who joins our ZS family. We provide our extraordinary people with everything they need to shape their own professional futures.

Should a new adventure come calling, our ZS Alumni Network helps former ZSers enjoy a lifelong relationship with the ZS community. Members of the network stay connected to our evolving practice areas, get the latest on how ZSers are making a difference and learn about unique opportuntities at ZS for alumni.

Boomerangs Welcome

ZSers are hungry for experience, innately curious and always ready for a challenge. Sometimes, that leads team members to explore new passions, such as pursuing further education after a few years in the working world.

In fact, we have a reputation for developing smart, quick and highly motivated graduate students in top-tier business, medical and law schools around the world. Every year, these graduates become capable leaders, whether they return to ZS or chase after something new.

Today’s ZSers, Tomorrow’s Innovators

Because our people are known for their drive and entrepreneurial spirit, ZS has a history as a great launch pad for leaders in healthcare, financial services, consumer products and e-commerce. Many of those leaders advance their careers to work for their clients directly. In that way, they remain an integral part of the ZS family.