Global Careers

Life After ZS

ZS values each person who accepts a position with us, and each enters into a lifelong affiliation with our firm; some pursue their entire career at ZS, while others move on to other opportunities but remain members of the ZS extended family.

ZSers thrive on knowledge and continue their formal education

We hire many ZSers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees who aspire to further education three to five years into their careers.

ZS has built a reputation for developing strong graduate school candidates. Our associates enter top-tier academic programs around the world, including business, medical and law.

Every year, some of these graduates return to ZS as leaders.

ZSers explore different opportunities

Some individuals move into industry, become entrepreneurs or simply want a change from the consulting-project environment.

Some ZSers have taken leadership positions within health-care companies; others have assumed roles in industries including financial services, consumer products and e-commerce.

Of those who leave the firm, most ZSers go to work for our clients and remain a part of our extended network.

Join the ZS Alumni Network

The ZS Alumni Network LinkedIn Group helps former colleagues preserve contact with the ZS community and keep up with current news about the firm.