Associate Principal

ZS Career Path

Associate Principal (2016-Present)
Business Manager (2012-2016)
Business Consultant (2010-2012)
Associate Consultant (2008-2010)
Associate (2005-2008)

Why ZS?

As a student, I had always been interested in the consulting industry. I was initially attracted to ZS because of its strong focus in the quantitative analytics and the great people I've met through the recruiting process. I soon found out after joining ZS that the company was full of these smart people, always looking to innovate and provide the best solution for our client. After seven years, I still enjoy the intellectual stimulation I receive from my work and talking to my colleagues.

My Favorite Project

When I was an Associate, I worked on a Sales Force (SF) design project where I was responsible for executing most of the analysis and helped the team put together a recommendation. A couple months after the project, I saw a news article that said our client has changed their SF structure and it was exactly what we recommended. That was the first time where I really felt rewarded and that I had made an impact. I feel it is amazing to be able to experience such emotion so early in your career.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I enjoy playing golf and football during the weekends. I also try to spend a lot of time snowboarding in the mountains during the winter.


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  • Education

    MS in Management, London School of Economics
    BS in Mathematics and Economics, London School of Economics

  • Career Path

    >Business Consulting


ZS Values Story

One of the most memorable moments in my ZS career was a large territory alignment project when I was an Associate. The project had a very busy week where the team members were working late into the evening every day. One day, the client asked for a significant fix in one of the deliverables and it had to be done by the end of the day on Friday. Some other members who finished their work quickly offered to stay after the office hours to help. Almost half of the office, including the non-project members, was in a meeting room together trying to accomplish the task. I think this sums up the culture and the people who work at ZS—always willing to help each other.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

ZS will provide you with a great opportunity to be able to impact the client's business very early on in your career. By being a part of the ever-evolving front-end of innovation, the pace at which you grow in business capability and experience as a new associate is incredible. 

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