Business Consultant - Customer Insights

ZS Career Path

Business Consultant - Customer Insights (2016-Present)
Business Analytics Associate Consultant (2014-2016)
Business Analytics Associate (2012-2014)

Why ZS?

I was attracted to ZS because of the firm's deep expertise in healthcare. During the application process, I got the chance to meet a number of people from the Toronto office, and what stood out to me was how much attention they paid to me even though I was only one of many candidates for the position. Everybody, including the principals that I met, made me feel welcome and showed a genuine interest in getting to know me. In my time at ZS, I have continued to feel the same level of dedication and thoughtfulness from all of my peers, even through challenging situations. This, to me, is what really sets ZS apart from other consulting firms.

My Favorite Project

I worked on a portfolio segmentation project early on in my time at ZS, which to this day is still my favorite project. The segmentation solution that we delivered to the client was very well received, and has since become one of the pillars on which they develop all of their marketing strategy. I have been fortunate to continue to work on the brand in other capacities, and often have the clients refer to our work to enhance their understanding of the market.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I have always been involved in sports, and often use my spare time to visit the gym or venture outside for a round of golf or game of tennis. I also enjoy travelling and try to get away from time to time to explore a new city.


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  • Education

    MS in Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
    BS in Mechanical Engineering, Queens University

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ZS in One Word

If I were to describe ZS culture in one word it would be "collaborative". Everyone at the company, from the Principals all the way down, is always happy to lend a helping hand or provide their expertise. Within project teams, working primarily in our home offices allows for a work environment where we can work closely and exchange ideas easily.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

My advice for people considering ZS would be to meet the people. I found ZS to be very welcoming, which made my transition into the firm very seamless. ZS will give you a great mix of variety and challenge that comes with the consulting style of work, without the same competitiveness that exists at a lot of other firms.


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