ZS Career Path

Principal (2014-Present)
Associate Principal (2011-2014)
Business Consulting Manager (2007-2011)
Business Consultant (2003-2007)
Business Associate (2001-2003)

Why ZS?

Eleven years ago, as I just finished my undergrad degree, many of the reasons I decided to join ZS were different than the ones that keep me with the firm today.  As a 21-year-old graduating from Princeton, I was ambitious and wanted a job that would challenge me. Consulting seemed like exactly that sort of job and my background in biochemical engineering also seemed to fit well with ZS' expertise in healthcare. However, the one thing that was the biggest draw for me then continues to be the reason that I stay and that is the people.  Throughout my professional career I have engaged with people from many different companies but no company seems to draw a group of people quite like ZS—hard working and ambitious but also able to have fun and deeply care about their colleagues. For any new person looking at ZS (or any other firm), I would say the one thing that will keep you happy at your company is truly liking the people that you come to work with every day.

My Favorite Project

It is hard to pick just one project but I think that the one that helped define me early in my career was when I was asked to return to Korea to run a workshop on my own. I had traveled earlier that year with my manager and was able to form some strong relationships with our clients there. When the client wanted to run a follow-up workshop, they did not need more than one person to go. The great thing about ZS is that if you can prove you are able to take on the responsibility, your managers will give it to you.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

These days, my focus outside of work is my family. I have a young son who keeps me busy at home. Each day he seems able to get himself into more trouble than the day before. Once, when I was not looking for a few seconds, he managed to shove my whole to-do-list for work into his mouth—that is my version of "my dog ate my homework". 


  • Location

    Los Angeles, New York, Princeton

  • Education

    BEng in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

  • Career Path

    >Business Consulting


ZS in One Word

I think one way to capture the ZS experience is to describe how there were 15 ZSers at my relatively small wedding.  These ZSers were there not because I felt obligated to invite my boss or colleague but because in addition to colleagues, I consider them to be true friends.  In addition to these current ZSers, there were numerous others who had moved onto other jobs but who I met at ZS.  We continue to be friends today because I think some of the greatest people I have met and friendships I have formed were through ZS.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

My advice to anyone considering a job with a new company is talk to as many people as you can.  Ask them about their experience and try to picture yourself working with those people.  If you see yourself there a few years down the road, you are making the right choice.


A Week in the Life