ZS Career Path

Principal (2014-Present)
Associate Principal (2011-2014)
Business Consulting Manager (2008-2011)
Business Consultant (2005-2007)
Business Consultant Intern (2004)

Why ZS?

My plan during my MBA program was to improve my business skills. I believed that skills learned through my MBA program needed to be applied to real issues, frequently and repeatedly. Consulting felt like the best opportunity for me to apply my skills to a variety of real-world issues.

I chose ZS from other consulting firms because of the fun-loving, team-oriented people, the unique culture, and the ZS work strategy.

My Favorite Project

My favorite project was a series of integration support projects for two multinational pharmaceutical companies. ZS Tokyo was heavily involved in the integration of two sale forces. I was the project lead for all of these ZS projects, including structure, size, targeting, alignment, placement, call planning, reporting, process integration, project management support, operational tool building, and regional strategy process development. I was involved in the development of the new sales force from the beginning to the end and beyond. I learned reality and complexity surrounding typical ZS projects through such a broad and deep involvement in the client decision making and operation.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I am very busy with my three daughters (ages 8, 6 and 1) outside of work. They grow faster than I do! I feel that if I work very hard to coach them on life skills, they will grow up at an even faster rate. Parenting is very rewarding and I feel very strong accountability for making them successful in life. They sometimes make amazingly appropriate comments:

For example, I was working at home in the early morning one day. My 6-year-old daughter woke up and asked me, "Why didn't you complete your homework yesterday?" I protected myself by saying, "I had many other tasks." She said, "You still have one to complete because you worked slowly yesterday? Be more efficient, Dad."

I play tennis every week and go skiing often. I started another hobby of woodworking. My best woodworking project so far is a baby chair for my one-year-old. I have my pilot license but have not flown for 6 years… so it may not be very safe to fly with me!


  • Location

    Tokyo, Evanston

  • Education

    MBA, Johnson School of Management (Cornell University)

    BA in Business and Commerce, University of Keio

  • Career Path

    >Business Consulting


ZS Values

My one phrase for ZS culture is "fun-loving". If you do not enjoy your work, you will not be happy at ZS (or any job). Consulting can be tough in terms of being both intellectually and physically challenging. ZS people strive to enjoy such challenges especially under some difficult project situations.

I remember one night when ZS Tokyo had an office party. Many of us were having so much fun that we stayed out late. A ZSer who left the party earlier found an error in a calculation and contacted one of us at the restaurant. All of us at the restaurant opened up our computers, and estimated the time necessary to fix it. It was not an easy one. Everyone at the restaurant immediately decided to go back to the office all together and fix it quickly by gathering everyone's capacity, even though only one of us was actually part of the project team. We completely fixed the issue as a team and celebrated by having a little mini office party in our conference room afterwards! 

My Advice for Potential ZSers

ZS culture is unique. I find that I can easily identify someone who works at ZS because they think like I do. I would recommend talking to many ZSers if you are considering our firm. You will get a good feel for the culture and you will be able to easily find out if ZS is a good fit for you. ZS is a great place to work. I hope you find that ZS is a great place, too!


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