Business Consultant

ZS Career Path

Business Consultant (2016-Present)
Business Associate Consultant (2014-2016)
Business Associate (2012- 2014)

Why ZS?

ZS appealed to me as a company where I'd have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of challenging (but rewarding!) projects across a group of industries which I find particularly interesting. I was also attracted by the potential for continued learning and growth, and I haven't been disappointed—consulting with ZS provides the opportunity to learn about a fascinating industry whilst developing consulting skills across a range of competencies.

I would recommend ZS to anyone looking for an energetic work environment in which you're never bored! Helping a client to solve a complex business problem is of course rewarding, but for me the real enjoyment comes from the ZS project experience—working as part of a team of driven, intelligent people with a shared culture.

My Favorite Project

My favorite projects are those in which you can clearly see the impact of the project for the client. I recently completed a project with a client's global market research department in which we worked alongside the client to help them reveal the insights of their pre-existing market research, by applying a ZS framework and thinking about the information in a novel way.

The project outcomes informed the brand positioning for our client's pre-launch asset, the client learned a new way to organize and examine their market research information which they plan to apply to their other products and I gained real insight into how the client needs' should inform the project deliverables.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

I'm a member of a London triathlon club, and so each morning before work I can usually be found swimming, cycling or running somewhere in north London. On the weekends I'll still fit in some training, but I'll also try to explore something new in London or cook for my flat mates and enjoy a beer in front of a good film!


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    MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise, University of Cambridge
    BA in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

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ZS Culture

If I had to describe the ZS culture in one word it would be "friendship"—the shared values of ZSers naturally creates a culture of friends (not just colleagues) who want to help each other achieve their goals.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

My advice for people considering ZS would be to look at the range of consulting companies and the type of work they do. ZS fills quite a unique position between boutique firms and full-scale management consultancies. If this position resonates with you, and you have an interest in healthcare, then ZS should definitely be on your short-list! I'd then try to speak with a ZSer face-to-face; you can ask any questions you might have, and also find out more about what makes the company special.

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