SaaS Site Reliability Engineering Lead

ZS Career Path

SaaS Site Reliability Engineering Lead (2012-Present)
Software Engineering Lead - Applications (2012-2012)
Senior Software Engineer - Applications (2011-2012)

Why ZS?

To me, software development at a consulting firm ensures one gets full exposure to business while staying close to computer science by building software. I felt the software I was building would involve both core technical knowhow and a true understanding of the business. ZS Software Development Group interested me during interviews because their focus was more on the fundamentals and algorithms rather than any particular programming language. I enjoyed the fact that even though some of our software products were first created a couple of decades ago, ZS has evolved them to be on the latest technology stack. Our team never stops innovating by adding more products to the suite over the years.

My Favorite Project

My work with the ZS software development group has revolved around the products that focus more on Sales Planning and Execution area of our work. Over time, I have grown from a person who knew almost nothing about the practice area to being a core team member helping make decisions on what's next for the product from both a technology and business point of view by staying in touch with various stakeholders.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

Outside work, my life revolves around understanding the core of Ayurveda from my dad, indulging in metaphysical discussions, strolling around clicking my discoveries.


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  • Education

    B.Tech, Computer Engineering,

    Nirma University, 2007

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    >Software Development


ZS Values

Though ZS has its own hierarchy of roles, the communication and decision making is quite distributed—every person's voice matters. Teams are flexible enough to ensure personal aspirations are met while aligning them to the business focus.

My Advice for Potential ZSers

If you are the sort of a person who likes getting to the core of problems, analyzing from multiple perspectives, evaluating many options and solving the problems at hand with the most optimal (yet advanced) technology, ZS Software Development is a place for you. Having said that, I would highly recommend being vocal and having a word with an employee to clarify any inhibitions you may have before choosing ZS.


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