Business Consultant

ZS Career Path

Business Consultant (2016-Present)
Business Analytics Associate (2012-2016)
Business Associate Intern (2011)

Why ZS?

I first joined ZS in June 2011 as a summer intern. I was attracted to consulting for the exposure to different clients and types of projects, as well as the team environment. In addition to these aspects, I was specifically interested in ZS because of its project work, focus on professional development, and the people. ZS projects typically involve some sort of rigorous problem-solving with deep data analytics, which interested me since I come from an engineering background. I also saw that there is a heavy emphasis on professional development at ZS, which was important to me because it would ensure that I would be constantly challenged and learning new skills that would help me progress in my career. Lastly, ZS fosters a collaborative and collegiate environment, where everyone is willing to help and work with each other.

My Favorite Project

I have been part of the ZS team that was engaged to help a small oncology company (a newer client) with their sales operations as they built their sales force. Previously, they used a contract sales force to promote their products, but recently decided to bring this in-house. I was on a small team at ZS that built their alignment, assigned target values to accounts, and designed their incentive compensation plans. This project was high value and high impact for our client because we were helping them build the foundation for a successful sales organization. I could immediately see the impact of the projects on the client organization and the importance of our work during our client meetings. I worked with a small ZS team on these projects, and had the opportunity to own most of the project work. This allowed me to have a lot of client interaction, and I was able to build a relationship with the client.

My After-Hours Engagement/Activities

Right now I’ve become interested in real estate, since I’m looking to move into a new place closer to the office. I started looking to buy a condo a few months ago, and have recently spent a lot of time outside of work going to open houses and looking at different properties.



ZS Culture

If I had to describe ZS’ culture in one would it would be non-hierarchical. Even though ZS teams are comprise of people at different levels, teams work together to help each other and not limit tasks within everyone’s defined role. This provides great opportunities for everyone to work on aspects of the projects that interest them, or to work on areas where they need to improve. For example, as an Associate, I have been trusted to interact with clients and be the client contact on the team, even though this typically may be done by the Consultant on the team. I think this a great experience in seeing how ZS’ work really influences and affects our client organizations. I think this fosters an environment with collaborative and approachable people, and is really important in helping everyone progress in their careers..

My Advice for Potential ZSers

I think it is important for everyone to build their network. You should do your best to meet and talk to as many people as possible within the firm. By building this network, you will have more access to helpful resources and meet great people along the way.


A Week in the Life