India Careers

Interview Process: Consultant

Submit your résumé
Candidates must submit a cover letter, résumé or CV, and a transcript or copy of marks to be considered for a position. Please find the position that best matches your skills and interests and complete our online application.

If you are a student at one of the universities or other schools where we conduct campus recruiting, please find your school and apply directly to the open positions on your institution's Web page.

Ensure we have the details
Make sure your CV has correct address, telephone and email information. When you apply using our online application, you will be asked to complete a short assessment that covers details such as degree class and office preference. Be certain to complete the assessment, as we cannot consider your application until we have the information.

Show interest
If you are applying to ZS from campus, attend on-campus events such as career fairs and presentations so we get to know you and you get to know ZS.

Be prepared for the interviews
ZS interviews are a combination of several formats—some are case based, others are detailed question-and-answer sessions.

First Round
First-round interviews typically consist of two sessions, a behavioral interview and a case interview. For some candidates, different members of the firm conduct interviews; for other candidates, the same individual conducts both interviews.

Final Round
Final-round interviews consist of a series of sessions typically held at the closest ZS office. In addition to structured interview evaluations, you will have the opportunity to meet several associates and ask many questions.

Behavioral Session Interview: This question-and-answer session evaluates your ability to communicate specific examples from your past experience of skills that we desire in candidates.

Business Case Interview: This case-based session evaluates your ability to gather facts, analyze a business situation and apply a problem-solving framework.

Business Presentation Interview: This session evaluates your ability to synthesize information, organize and communicate recommendations, and react to questions and challenges.

Candidates who receive offers are invited to a group information day to discover more about ZS.