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Recruiting Contacts

If you have questions about a specific ZS office or our recruiting process, please contact our recruiting contact in that location. If you would like to apply, please view our open positions.

For more information, email


Business Operations
Contact: Purva Acharya
Tel: +91 20 6739 5061

Enterprise Support
Contact: Siddharth Kaul
Tel: +91 124 679 7378

Business Consulting
Contact: Nikita Raje
Tel: +91 20 6739 7648

Business Technology
Contact: Neha Yadav
Tel: +91 20 6739 5008

Software Development
Contact: Manmohan Singh Bisht
Tel: +91 20 6739 9788

To reach ZS recruiters in the Americas, Europe, China, Japan and Singapore, visit the global recruiting contacts page.