India Careers

ZS Campus Beats

Through Campus Beats, ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center identifies, engages and transforms students from top engineering schools in India looking to make an impact at a global company.

University alumni lead students in a range of activities to help potential ZSers understand our global firm’s culture, people and roles so that they can make informed decisions about their careers.

Campus Beats activities and sessions include:

  • An introduction to consulting
  • Soft skills training
  • Unlock ZS: Tips and Tricks
  • Strategic problem solving through product development in consulting
  • Careers in consulting
  • Gender diversity at the workplace

Brown Bag on the Art and Science of Problem Solving

ZS offers an information session on the art and science of problem solving during its campus visits. Students attending this event will gain a better understanding of the most effective approaches to solving the upcoming online Pan-India contest, the ZS Campus Beats Case Challenge.

ZS Campus Beats Challenge

Do you have what it takes to become a ZSer? Find out by competing in the ZS Campus Beats Case Challenge.

Modeled after a typical ZS project scenario, the challenge is a pan-India, hands-on learning opportunity for aspiring professionals in consulting that gives university students insight into how ZSers make an impact.

To learn more about ZS Campus Beats, the Case Challenge and details on when ZS is coming to your campus, email, or visit ZS in India’s Facebook page and our Campus Beats microsite.