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ZS Data Science Challenge

The ZS Data Science Challenge is a pan-India contest that aims to discover the most talented minds in data science. The challenge presents a unique opportunity for participants to solve a real data science problem statement and to get a sneak peek into the niche work of ZS’s advanced data science team. The team is focused on creating impact for clients across industries through advanced analytics, including machine learning and AI, and emerging data sources, including text, voice and patient-level record datasets.

This year’s challenge has two phases:

  • Online Challenge (July 19-22, 2019)
  • Offline Data-A-Thon (Aug 2-3, 2019)

This year’s challenge will offer participants a unique opportunity to test their coding and machine learning skills as they tackle a real-world data science problem similar to those being solved by ZS’s Advanced Data Science team.

Participants will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Knowledge of machine learning, optimization and statistics
  • Proficiency in identifying the right technique to approach the solution
  • Ability to translate the findings from a business context

During the online challenge, participants will submit their solution to the problem online. After ZS reviews the online entries, the top candidates will be invited to ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center to participate in the next phase of the challenge.

In the Offline Data-A-Thon, candidates will brainstorm solutions to another challenging data science problem. They will also get to learn about the career opportunities at ZS, experience the ZS culture and interact with ZS’s advanced data science leadership team.

Candidates who are shortlisted after both phases of the challenge will be eligible to win prizes and awards. They’ll also receive letters inviting them to interview for a role with ZS’s data science team, which works on cutting-edge solutions using new age data sources to shape innovations across multiple areas for our clients. Candidates identified as finalists will have an expedited interview process to work on ZS’s advanced data science team.

To learn more about the fourth annual challenge and to register, visit InterviewBit.

If you have questions about the ZS Data Science Challenge, email them to