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ZS Data Science Challenge

The ZS Data Science Challenge is a pan-India contest, which aims to discover the most talented minds in data science with a passion for data analysis. Participation is open to final-year graduates pursuing data science as a career option.

The challenge plays out over two months and happens in two phases: an online challenge and in-person data-thon. In the online challenge, participants work to solve a real-time data science problem. After ZS reviews the online entries, the top candidates are short-listed and invited to ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center to participate in the next phase of the challenge.

In the data-thon, candidates brainstorm solutions to another challenging data science problem. They’ll also learn about careers at ZS, experience the ZS culture firsthand and interact with ZS’s advanced data science leadership team.

Candidates who are short-listed after both phases of the challenge have the opportunity to win prizes and awards, and to receive pre-placement interview letters indicating their placement on the shortlist for a position on ZS’s data science team. Challenge finalists are awarded with an expedited interview process that puts them just one interview away from the ZS data science team position rather than the usual three interviews. 

For more information about the ZS Data Science Challenge, email