India Careers

Career Advancement

New Associates join ZS in India’s Associate Expedition program. This program  brings performance management, ongoing feedback and coaching under one umbrella, delivered by a professional development coach (Associate Captain)

Upon joining ZS, each ZSer works with his or her Professional Development Manager or Associate Captain to define objectives and identify areas for professional growth.

Through these developmental discussions, we identify opportunities for ZSers to:

  • Explore additional practice areas
  • Develop new concepts or technology to be used at ZS
  • Work in different offices

At each level of the firm (associate, associate consultant, consultant, manager, associate principal and principal), ZS has identified competencies against which a ZSer can measure progress and assess performance.

We conduct performance reviews for all individuals twice annually, at mid-year and year-end.              

As projects are completed (or on a regular basis for long-standing project assignments), team members are reviewed regarding their performance on that specific project.

Team members review their project managers at the same time. Team members also have the opportunity to contribute peer reviews at the close of a project.

Once reviews are completed, professional development managers make sure that ZSers have a good sense of their progress.

ZS encourages an open environment for feedback. We want you to be able to gauge your performance throughout the project, not just during a formal review.

At ZS, career development is a joint responsibility. We provide you with support and guidance, and then count on you to actively pursue professional growth opportunities.

Approximately 70% of our principals started as associates or consultants with us. We believe consulting can be a long-term career.

We want you to stay, succeed and contribute to future growth!