India Careers

Learning and Development

At ZS, we believe that continued learning and individual growth are pivotal to our success as a company. ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center (CEC) promotes a learning-oriented environment that can benefit ZSers throughout their tenures at our firm.  

The CEC has dedicated learning and training programs available from day one to ensure that ZSers stay up to date with industry trends and better understand an array of project scenarios. ZSers also have access to unique project opportunities, like The Evolve Program, that help them hone their skills and explore projects beyond their usual scope. We also put together small teams of experts to serve as “expertise centers” that define core skills for their particular area of expertise and to provide relevant training to enhance project delivery.

My Learning

My Learning, ZS’s comprehensive personalized learning platform, features leading-edge training courses and experiential training programs designed to enhance ZSers’ skills, help them conquer new challenges, complete client knowledge sessions and help others by becoming trainers themselves. With these resources, ZSers can sharpen their expertise in their particular area or even bolster their knowledge across several areas.

To enable professional growth, ZS has a well-defined learning road map for all capability groups from associate to consultant level, which highlights different trainings and programs that a ZSer needs to advance his or her career.

ZStart Academy

ZStart Academy is our in-depth orientation program that gives new ZSers an overview of the firm and introduces them to basic tools, resources and key ZS practice areas.

At ZStart, ZSers will learn all about ZS’s values, business strategy and culture. The ZStart experience includes presentations from senior leaders and capability group sessions. Attendees will also participate in an interactive case study project to give them a chance to work alongside other new ZSers.

Continual Development of ZSers

After ZStart, ZS offers a variety of ongoing interactive learning and development courses:

  • “Just-in-time” training: Prepares ZSers to start a new project
  • Brown-bag presentations: A forum for idea sharing and learning
  • Hands-on skill-building courses: Tools to build consulting expertise and knowledge
  • Expert training sessions: Principals, managers and consultants sharing the latest ZS strategies and practices
  • Boot camps: Help ZSers acclimate to new projects quicker
  • The Toastmasters Club: Helps ZSers in New Delhi and Pune hone their speaking, communications and leadership skills
  • Milestone workshops: Sessions to improve leadership skills as ZSers advance in level
  • Continuing education: Financial assistance for ZSers working toward relevant industry accreditations and certifications, encouraging all ZSers to develop additional expertise

The Evolve Program

ZSers in India have the opportunity to enhance their project experience and make a bigger personal impact through The Evolve Program. In this talent development program, ZSers will discuss the evolution of their roles with other ZSers, allowing them to explore new roles on diverse projects and develop new or deeper expertise in a space or practice area.

The Evolve Program encourages ZSers to pursue more variety in their tasks, seize more learning and growth opportunities, gain a broader perspective on projects and better foresight into staffing duration, and achieve clarity about their roles and paths forward using career road maps.

Emerging Leaders Management Program

ZS has partnered with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to create The Emerging Leaders Management Program (ELMP), which offers ZSers an opportunity to hone their skills, sharpen their business acumen and continue their education while working.

Enrolled ZSers work toward a certificate by completing five residential terms covering 22 courses. ZSers learn straight from industry experts with ISB’s combination of video conferencing and in-person classes, in addition to ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center.

Anuja came out of the ELMP eager to apply what she learned at ISB to her projects at ZS. She shares her experience in this short video: