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Business Consulting

ZS's business consulting group designs and delivers solutions for a broad spectrum of sales and marketing challenges. Using advanced data analytics and problem-solving techniques, the group transforms our clients’ sales and marketing organizations to better implement our solutions, which are based on rigorous research, analysis and expertise. Teams work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Core skills include:

  • Advanced quantitative analytics and qualitative research skills
  • Creative problem-solving skills and resourcefulness

Expertise areas we hire in:

  • Decision Analytics: Create and deliver strategic solutions for ZS’s clients and project teams using analytic skills in areas such as modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Data Science: Design, develop and use analytic techniques on large, complex, structured and unstructured data sets (including big data) to help clients make better decisions
  • Knowledge Management: Provide strategic marketing and sales benchmarking, industry sector knowledge and insights, and country-specific research to ZS’s client service teams

Apply for business consulting roles at ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center in India.