Advancing Analytics

A leading asset management company needed to boost its analytic capabilities to improve customer experience, cash flows and operating efficiency.

A leading asset management company wanted to improve customer experience, cash flows and operating efficiency with analytics centered on its financial advisor customers. The company’s analytics team had report-generation capabilities but lacked the experience to produce advanced analytics and determine which insights the sales, marketing and operations departments needed most.

ZS partnered with the company to build a new analytics operating model, allowing the analytics team to focus on solutions that supported the company’s strategic goals. ZS interviewed stakeholders in the sales, marketing and operations departments to better understand their data and insights needs, their key decisions and challenges, and their existing capabilities. The ZS team developed a list of short-term and long-term solutions that the analytics team could act upon and the delivery requirements for each. We also defined the team structure—along with its roles and responsibilities—and developed guidelines for collaborating with internal centers of excellence. The ZS team also developed a new analytics operating model and an 18-month road map for delivery.

With its expanded capabilities and new support for long-term analytics needs, the company now focuses on solutions that have a direct impact on business decisions. It has become more adaptable to changes over time and better equipped to deliver data-driven customer experiences. With the new road map, the analytics team is effectively partnering with third parties for short-term, non-core needs, which lightens the team’s burden and increases efficiency.

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