Aiming for Opportunities

Reacting to a shifting marketplace becoming less concerned with talk-time minutes and data limitations, a global telecom company began offering an increasing number of products and services to its B-to-B customers. The company wanted to focus its attention on individual accounts, seeing an opportunity to sell new products to existing customers. The company built an Excel-based targeting tool to capture sales data and display a single view of the top accounts, highlighting what was being sold, what was “unavailable,” and where there were opportunities for growth.

Because of the company’s growing portfolio of products competing for attention, it was hard to identify the best sales opportunities to pursue. There had to be a way to prioritize those opportunities so that the company’s sales and marketing teams would know which customers to target with which product or service.

The company partnered with ZS to overhaul its targeting tool, keeping its look, feel and basic functionality but adding a predictive analytics component to better prioritize those opportunities for growth. We trained and optimized multiple machine learning techniques to determine an account’s propensity to buy different products and services , in addition to each account’s expected revenue. With the improved tool, users could simply select an account and see that account’s top recommended products, or could select a product to see the best accounts to target. The tool was built for globally managed accounts based in the U.S., plus those based in the U.K. and India , but there are plans to create a more flexible, cloud-based version of the tool and expand it to remaining markets.

The improved tool identified targeted selling opportunities with four times more accuracy than the company’s previous targeting tool, uncovering billions of dollars in cross-selling opportunities for accounts worldwide. In fact, the tool recommended 63% of the company’s recently sold products.