Business Services

Business services companies provide a broad spectrum of offerings to customers, ranging from staffing to administrative services to facilities management and more. While companies in this sector are diverse, they face a common set of issues and challenges as they look to grow sales and improve profits. Some of the common questions we hear from our business services clients are:

  • How can we understand needs and segment businesses in environments where multiple decision-makers influence the sale?
  • How do we measure opportunity and manage pipelines, considering buying trends and long selling cycles?
  • What combination of marketing and selling channels is best positioned to optimally cover the diverse set of small to large businesses?
  • How can we build winning value propositions that can be tailored to individual decision-makers within the business?
  • How can we achieve best-in-class sales effectiveness with our key account, field and/or telesales teams?

We help business services companies craft winning strategies, design effective organizations, and create efficient operations capabilities in B2B.

We have over a decade of experience working with business services companies in areas such as:

  • Market research and opportunity assessment
  • Segmentation of businesses and decision-makers
  • Value proposition design and value-based selling strategy
  • Sales organization strategy and design
  • Incentive compensation and reward program design
  • Territory design
  • Sales operations and reporting

If you would like to learn more about our experience, please contact our practice team.