Capturing Opportunity

A leading asset management company expanded market coverage to priority financial advisors.

Hoping to capitalize on the growing retail demand for its mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, a top asset management company aimed to capture market share among financial advisors. The company wanted to profitably grow sales in the short term while solidifying its market position in the long term, but its market coverage was insufficient. A small team of wholesalers covered advisors across the country in large territories that weren’t equally balanced by sales potential. Because of this wide, unbalanced coverage, the company was missing opportunities to build advisor relationships and drive sales.

To start, ZS defined the ideal sales model for the company, considering internal, external and hybrid selling roles. The solution included opportunity analysis by advisor location; incorporating third-party and company data; sales response modeling to determine the optimal number of calls per advisor; an ROI model to support the recommended headcount per sales team; and recommendations for how channels should interact in joint customer coverage. After defining the sales model, ZS optimized the company’s sales territories, considering market coverage requirements and geographic travel constraints, and then facilitated a rollout with first-line sales managers for further refinements. The ZS team was careful to minimize customer disruption in the redesign.

As a result of the company’s expanded sales force, it increased its reach to priority financial advisors by more than 80%. The new selling model and territories were met with great success during the pilot program, which was quickly expanded to the rest of the U.S. market. In the five years since ZS completed its work, the company’s financial advisor channel grew enormously, outpacing the market each year and exceeding its annual net cash flow targets five years in a row, and the company grew its assets under management at more than 40% the compound annual growth rate.

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