Changing the Conversation

A credit card company implements an optimized calling program that improves sales performance.

A credit card company noticed lagging performance from its outbound call centers despite making significant investments in reaching out to customers. Success rates were low and the call centers were unprofitable. The top salespeople were two to three times more successful than the company’s average salespeople, but the sales leaders didn’t know how to elevate performance across the team.

ZS conducted a study of the company’s selling process and began visiting call centers, observing callers, performing call audits and analyzing call data and results. ZS identified the drivers that influenced each step of the selling process and used those to optimize calls, which included profit-maximizing frequencies by segment, calling at optimal times of day and implementing a dynamic calling plan. ZS also aimed to improve phone dialogue by redesigning call flow to incorporate best practices from the top salespeople, resulting in new training modules.

In one month, the company saw a 20% improvement in sales per call and a 35% improvement in overall profitability. The company continued to make improvements to the call plan, finding ways to drive more growth in certain segments. Moreover, initial feedback from the newly trained salespeople was overwhelmingly positive, and they saw results on their calls within a few weeks. “The conversations sound different,” said a senior manager at the company. “We’re engaging the customer more often, sounding more natural—less like we’re reading a script.”

Within three months of implementing the program, the first company site to undergo training had significantly exceeded the performance of the control site whose salespeople had not undergone training.

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