Changing the Growth Trajectory Through Sales Force Excellence in Product Sales

Situation and Challenge

A private equity acquirer of a middle-market product sales company sought to significantly accelerate its growth trajectory and double its revenue in three years.

The company’s sales organization lacked the sales force effectiveness capabilities needed to ramp up growth, including the ability and motivation to hunt for new business, coaching and performance management, sales tools and enablers including CRM, and effective value messaging for its unique private-label solution.

The company partnered with ZS to build a roadmap and sales force capabilities for achieving its ambitious growth goals.


ZS worked closely with the company to design and implement a host of solutions.

After using potential analysis to estimate market upside, ZS redesigned the company’s organizational structure and laid out a multiyear hiring plan to optimize sales resourcing in each market.

ZS designed future sales territories that balanced the workload across reps and minimized disruption.

ZS worked closely with top-performing reps to craft impactful, market-tested, evidence-based value messaging for each customer segment, which enabled reps to more effectively hunt for new business.

ZS provided new managers with coaching and performance management materials to help them succeed in their new roles.

Lastly, ZS created dashboards and developed a roadmap to guide the company as it tested and rolled out its many sales growth initiatives while also planning ahead for future needs, includingy motivational incentives design and sales analytics capability to support prioritization and engagement.

The ZS Impact

Six months after partnering with ZS, the company grew its sales force by more than 50%.

New account volume is up 130% overall compared to the year before implementation, and reps have added 50% more new accounts, on average.