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Consumer Packaged Goods

In today’s world, retailers are looking to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers to play a larger role in developing and implementing product, category and merchandising strategies. To build a competitive advantage, manufacturers must reevaluate how they support retailers by designing sales organizations that work seamlessly with key accounts while serving smaller regional customers in a cost-effective manner.

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of key challenges in today’s marketplace:

  • How can manufacturers leverage the large volumes of available data to improve decisions related to sales and marketing strategies, promotional spends, price and product mix?
  • Which retailers merit dedicated account teams and how should those teams be structured?
  • How can manufacturers improve the talent of these key account teams to maximize the mutual value creation?
  • Which stores should merchandizing teams focus on during each cycle to account for changing product lines, seasonal demands and other factors?
  • How can manufacturers capitalize on emerging markets and build the capabilities required to serve these markets?

Our complete and integrated range of services, helps our clients to address these challenges and provides a competitive advantage.

With nearly 30 years of experience, we will enable you to maximize results through:

  • Customizing the sales model and resource levels to the needs of strategic customers to maximize mutual value creation
  • Building operations capabilities to optimize the impact of the retail and merchandising teams to ensure focus on the most profitable customers and product lines every cycle
  • Integrating internal sales data, third-party sales data and other data on stores and analyzing this data to identify trends and make better decisions
  • Understanding the impact of sales and marketing promotions and improving the marketing mix by identifying what tactics provide the biggest returns (ROIs) and optimizing the marketing spends
  • Improving the sales force talent in an environment where manufacturers are co-developing brand and merchandising strategies with retailers
  • Assessing industry benchmarks on go-to-market models, sales force capacity and effectiveness, organizational design, etc., and helping clients to understand how their organization compares to industry best practices
  • Developing go-to-market strategies in emerging markets as both retailers and manufacturers look to capitalize on growth by reaching untapped consumers

Our experience spans from strategy development to implementation with leading CPG companies, and our exclusive focus on sales and marketing across multiple industries leads to world-class solutions.

To learn how you can optimize your sales and marketing organizations, please contact our Consumer Packaged Goods industry lead.