Best-in-Class Commercial Effectiveness Now Necessities

Energy companies need highly effective got-to-market strategies more than ever. The reason? Companies in this sector—from oil and natural gas, drilling equipment and oil services firms to energy-trading and utility companies—face a range of unprecedented challenges, including:

  • Highly aggressive and nontraditional competition for both physical and financial products
  • Rapid shifts in brand power and positioning
  • Accelerating consolidation of power producers and suppliers
  • Fundamental changes in the ways customers learn about and purchase products and services

ZS has helped numerous organizations in the energy sector—including utilities companies, exploration and production companies and equipment manufacturers—boost sales, profitability and market share. We have done so with consulting, capability building and tools that sharpen growth strategies and deepen understanding of customers’ most important (and often evolving) needs. ZS then translates the growth strategies into detailed, practical advice that helps energy company sales and marketing leaders transform their functions.

Valerus Case Study

How We Help Energy Companies Boost Their Top and Bottom Lines

ZS helps energy companies create sustainable competitive advantages in sales and marketing—advantages that help boost customer demand with much greater efficiency. We do this by working side by side with clients to:

  • Create sound growth strategies based on deep customer insights derived from Voice of the Customer (VoC) and other research, analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and fact-based assessments of major new market opportunities
  • Develop effective go-to-market models—rooted in needs-based customer segmentation, clear value propositions, and alignment of sales and marketing channels
  • Design the optimal structure for the sales force: the right number of salespeople, the best delineation of sales territories, and the most effective and efficient sales processes
  • Build strong capabilities through training and coaching, explicit hiring guidelines, effective measurement and compensation programs, and robust business analytics
  • Achieving all of the above for energy companies that are integrating sales and marketing teams following consolidations or mergers

Our consulting services and other offerings cover a spectrum of critical sales and marketing needs for your company. Our consultants have helped clients achieve revenue increases of 5 to 10% through improved sales and marketing effectiveness.

Valerus Case Study

What Makes Our Sales and Marketing Solutions Superior?

We have helped many energy companies substantially improve sales and marketing—and boost both the top and bottom lines—through capabilities that our clients regard as unique in the marketplace:

  • Superior knowledge of B2B sales and marketing issues in the energy industry, both strategic and tactical
  • The combination of strategic expertise and highly practical implementation skills. We help you develop a sound strategy and then work with your people to implement it with highly effective collaboration.
  • A passion for producing big benefits and tangible advice for achieving those benefits
  • Strong quantitative skills, which enable clients to make sound business cases for the strategies and tactics with the greatest potential

To learn more about our work with sales and marketing leaders in the energy industry and to see how we can help your organization, please contact our practice lead.