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ZS enables high-tech providers to accelerate profitable growth by transforming their go-to-market strategies. This enabled them to capitalize on innovation and address their customers’ changing needs.

In a marketplace where the only constant is the relentless pace of technological innovation, high-tech providers are grappling with rapid changes in customer behavior and the competitive landscape. Customers are increasingly less focused on the technical elements of a product or solution and are investing in technologies that promise to deliver verifiable business outcomes. New and traditional competitors are introducing offerings to capitalize on advancements in big data analytics, mobility and cloud-based delivery models. The result? High-tech industry leaders are rethinking all aspects of their go-to-market strategies in order to successfully navigate:

  • Technology Innovation: Third platform technologies (mobile, social, cloud and big data) are driving the next wave of growth in the industry. Businesses must quickly develop and take new products and services to market in order to seize opportunities.
  • Industry Restructuring: Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures dramatically are changing the competitive landscape. Companies need to quickly reengineer their sales and marketing organizations, processes and enable systems to realize the benefits of restructuring. Industry leaders must find innovative ways to maximize value for their customers in order to counter new threats and capture market opportunities.
  • Shifts in Decision Makers: IT purchase decision-making continues to shift to line-of-business and functional leaders, with CIOs providing guidance and the overarching technology strategy. High-tech providers need to be able to more effectively target and position their solutions to new buyers and personas.
  • Changes in Buying Behavior: B-to-B purchasing processes are changing as buyers increasingly prefer to gather information online before engaging sales reps to make their technology procurement decisions. High-tech companies need to develop new sales and marketing capabilities in order to engage potential buyers through digital channels and provide a positive, multi-channel customer experience.
  • Moving Beyond Products and Services: As more IT purchasing decisions are made outside the IT organization, customers continue to focus less on the technical elements (speeds and feeds) of a technology offering and more on the impact implementation of the product or service will have on their businesses. Winning or losing competitive sales opportunities hinges not only on the sales teams’ ability to provide a solution that addresses customers’ use cases, but also the teams’ abilities to articulate how the solution enables positive business outcomes. In short, it is no longer enough to explain how a product or solution solves a business problem. Sales teams need to explain why solving that problem matters. High-tech providers need to ensure that their sales and marketing teams are up to the challenge.

Leading high-tech companies partner with us for solutions that drive sustainable and profitable growth.

Apply data science to the right data and decisions

ZS was founded, more than 30 years ago, on the notion that data, analytics and technology could be harnessed to bring science to the art of sales and marketing. Through our deep expertise, we helped many high-tech organizations discover:

  • Ways to provide value for customers and partners
  • Routes-to-market that address key purchasing decision drivers and influencers
  • Opportunities to improve customers’ and partners’ experiences, capture mindshare and build loyalty

Gain innovative approaches to customer and partner insights .

ZS has a dedicated team of professionals who uncover insights from customers and partners by using traditional, agile and real-time techniques to:

  • Focus on gathering the right data to address the right questions
  • Develop a deeper and more integrated understanding of customers and partners
  • Recommend specific actions to capitalize on improvement opportunities and utilize analytics to better predict the resulting impact

Leverage our deep expertise in multi-channel optimization

More than 1,000 companies, including more than 50 leading high-tech providers over the past five years, chose ZS to optimize their channel performances by:

  • Integrating and optimizing investments in direct, indirect and hybrid marketing, sales and delivery channels
  • Identifying and enabling channel partners with the right competencies to meet customer requirements and achieve productivity goals
  • Developing, enabling and motivating talent within their sales and marketing organizations and among their partners

Overwhelmingly, clients return to partner with us again. The first ZS client remains a client today.

As high-tech companies transform their go-to-market strategies, ZS helps increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness and achieve improved outcomes. Our clients typically realize a 10% increase in growth when they engage us to lead commercial transformations.

The following are a few examples of past client engagements.

Telecommunications company uses predictive analytics to accurately identify selling opportunities

  • The client wanted a way to better prioritize so-called white spaces so that marketing and sales would have a better understanding of which customers to target and what products or services to offer.
  • ZS overhauled the clients’ targeting tool by prioritizing opportunities, based on predictive analytics, and speeding up processing times. Multiple Machine Learning techniques were optimized to score accounts based on their propensities to buy various products and services. Importantly, the enhancements also helped to forecast sales and revenue.
  • Insights from data highlighted billions of dollars of cross-selling opportunities within target accounts. Opportunities now are identified with four times more accuracy than previous targeting techniques—63% of recently sold products were recommended by the tool.

Transformation solves a disjointed sales force, created by acquisitions, at a global software and technology service provider

  • The client has grown on the strength of more than 160 acquisitions since its founding 30 years ago. As some of these businesses stood separate from the parent company, the clients’ go-to-market strategy was sometimes fragmented, inefficient and ineffective.
  • ZS helped the client reshape its go-to-market strategy, essentially transforming its sales force, including sales compensation standards to drive coordinated and collaborative selling of the most important offerings.
  • The transformation included changes on several levels, including a framework for a major account program that leveraged customer insights to target specific products and services. This helped to deliver 12% sales growth (approximately $100 million), forecasting accuracy of 95% and significant deals with new customers.

Global technology mobile computing and printing solutions manufacturer integrates its sales organizations after a major acquisition

  • With more than 80% of the client’s revenue coming from indirect channels, the organization needed to develop an integrated channel strategy, direct and channel sales organization and global partner program following an acquisition that effectively doubled its size.
  • ZS consolidated more than 70 sales compensation plans to a handful of role-specific plans in less than three months, incorporating best-of-breed philosophies from both companies and ensuring global consistency. Quarterly sales performance exceeded expectations after the plan’s launch.
  • Together, the client and ZS created an integrated partner database and gained insights from more than 700 partners through surveys and targeted interviews. The team developed an integrated channel strategy and new global partner program and supported the launch and rollout over 18 months.

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