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Industrial Products and Services

Rapidly Elevate Your Firm's Performance

Companies that provide industrial products and services are under unprecedented pressure. Consolidation, new competition and demanding new owners continue to reshape the competitive landscape, even turning marginal competitors into stronger ones. That leaves companies in this sector with significant challenges:

  • Margins of chemical companies as well as building products and industrial manufacturers are eroding as their products become commoditized.
  • Nontraditional competitors have gained share quickly, ushering in whole new approaches to sales, marketing and service.
  • Industrial distributors have been squeezed as well, on one end by suppliers demanding better market access and on the other end by customers demanding lower prices and better service.
  • Private equity firms are acquiring industrial distributors and manufacturers, and then requiring company leaders to create and execute aggressive growth plans.

All these forces combined require companies in the industrial sector to create deep, sustainable competitive advantage in the two functions that touch customers.

Sharpen Your Growth Strategy and Accelerate Its Execution

ZS consultants have worked with hundreds of industrial products and distribution companies over the past 30 years, including many market leaders. We have helped clients increase revenue and profitability rapidly by providing explicit, practical recommendations for their organizations.

We work closely with clients to:

  • Create effective growth strategies based on rigorous and uncommon insights about customers, competitors and where the greatest growth opportunities exist
  • Develop effective go-to-market models—ones that start with insightful customer segmentation and value propositions
  • Design optimal deployment strategies including: territory alignment, sales force sizes, sales processes and channel design
  • Build superior support for salespeople and sales managers (training, hiring guidelines, effective evaluation and compensation programs, and current, insightful data on customers and competitors)

Solid growth begins with a solid growth strategy that explicitly sets in motion essential changes in organizations' performances.

Why Is ZS the Leader in Helping Industrial Products and Distribution Companies Grow?

Companies in this sector will tell you they partner with us for several reasons:

  • Our unmatched expertise in the sector—as well as our deep knowledge of best practices across B2B sectors
  • Deep industry expertise in industrial sales and marketing combined with deep IT and organizational change expertise
  • A quantitative, deeply analytical orientation to our work—deriving insights and recommendations from the facts—and the ability to then communicate them persuasively
  • Our passion for making our recommendations practical and clear to all, with no recommendations left undeveloped and all advice highly practical and achievable in light of organizational constraints
  • Our desire to help clients with changes management for future success

These and other strengths explain why we have helped clients power up their organizations and increase their revenue as much as 5 to 10%. And it also explains why they come back to us time and again to address new challenges.