Optimize and Reposition Your Organization's Capabilities As Media Channels Proliferate

With the expansion of media options, advertisers are changing their traditional buying patterns and practices. As they look to spread their marketing dollars across different platforms, and demand more rigorous ROI metrics, advertisers have significantly different needs today compared to those of the past.

In this environment, media sales and marketing efforts must be able to focus on the highest-potential customers, assess needs, and communicate clear, compelling and differentiated value propositions. To do this, senior media executives face a number of key challenges:

  • How can we develop and implement strong and strategic selling capabilities to provide bundled offerings and solutions to key accounts?
  • How can we protect and strengthen our relationships with our highest-opportunity existing accounts?
  • Should we develop and implement an ROI-driven agency model?
  • Which accounts require more cost-efficient selling coverage via self-service models?
  • How do we build market leadership in our digital offerings and implement highly credible sales and marketing models to promote our digital solutions?
  • What steps do we need to take to fully integrate ROI assessment tools and annual account management processes into our sales and marketing efforts?
  • Should we rethink our hiring and incentive models to better align with the new sales and marketing requirements in the media industry?

Enhance Organizations Effectiveness and Efficiency to Drive Short- and Long-Term Profit Growth

Our media practice focuses on helping clients succeed in today’s competitive advertising market. We work closely with our clients to:

  • Develop growth strategies based on rigorous assessments of customer needs, market opportunity, and the current marketplace
  • Optimize sales force size and structure decisions, including the assessment of different options for organizing traditional and digital selling efforts
  • Design and implement value-based sales processes to drive effective opportunity generation, sales conversion and ongoing relationship management
  • Develop competency models and implement coaching and training required for effective value-based selling
  • Set sales goals and design motivating and fair incentive compensation plans
  • Identify KPIs appropriate for the new media selling model, and design and implement insightful and actionable performance reports and dashboards
  • Diagnose sales and marketing effectiveness, and identify quick-win and longer-term sales and profit growth opportunities
  • Develop and implement sales execution programs to help accelerate short-term sales for existing and new customers, and to sustain these improvements going forward

If you would like to learn more about our experience within the media industry, please contact our industry lead. We would be happy to discuss our insights regarding key challenges, critical success factors and proven approaches.

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Why Partner with ZS to Heighten Sales and Marketing Performance?

We have helped many companies in the media sector substantially improve sales and marketing through capabilities that our clients regard as unique in the marketplace:

  • Superior knowledge of B2B sales and marketing issues in the media industry, both strategic and tactical
  • Deep understanding of media trends and the implications of industry changes on what media companies must do to accelerate sales and marketing effectiveness and growth
  • The combination of strategic expertise and practical implementation skills. We help you develop a sound strategy and then work with your people to implement it with highly effective collaboration, ensuring both short- and longer-term increases in sales and profits.
  • Strong quantitative skills, which enable clients to make sound business cases for the strategies and tactics with the greatest potential

To learn more about our work with sales and marketing leaders in the media industry and to see how we can help your organization, please contact our practice lead.