Model of Success

A Blue Cross Blue Shield company shifted its sales model from “reactive” to “proactive” and realized significant improvements.

In an effort to keep pace with healthcare reform market changes and technology advancements, a state-level Blue Cross Blue Shield company wanted to step away from its reactive selling model that focused mainly on client retention and move toward a more proactive, consultative model. While the desire to improve was universal, sales approaches varied widely across each business segment and across each sales and service team, which lead to frustrating disagreements about fundamental sales processes.

ZS helped the company develop a new selling process by working with the leaders of each customer segment and the sales and service teams to fully understand the unique buying processes for employers and intermediaries. They identified common areas across segments as well as areas that are truly distinct. The core elements of the new selling process were universal, linking the selling process together across all relationship development and management stages, but individual steps and performance expectations were customized for each segment. ZS also collaborated with the company on organization design, performance metrics, sales training and support systems to make the new process a reality.

The company rolled out the new model across all business segments, and the training and workshops were very well received. Following the rollout, the company saw significant improvements in how salespeople pursued early opportunities and in the rate of cross-sell and upsell efforts.

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