Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians. According to ZS’s latest research on physician access:

  • Since the second half of 2014, the proportion of “accessible” physicians—or those who met with more than 70% of the reps who called on them—has hovered within a few percentage points of 46%, according to the AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™ studies, which examine interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.
  • “News physicians can use” holds high value: The average physician is three times as likely to open messages containing key opinion leaders' insights and product alerts than those containing resources for staff and nurses.
  • In some cases oncologists were twice as likely to open email messages about product safety and efficacy, disease knowledge, and clinical practice information.

To address these issues head-on, ZS has developed AccessMonitor™—the industry’s most comprehensive offering for physician access information. Since its inception in 2008, AccessMonitor™ has enabled pharmaceutical companies to pinpoint inefficiencies and discontinue more than $2 billion of sales activities deemed impossible.

Even today, AccessMonitor™ findings illustrate that about 1 billion of planned sales force efforts are infeasible by best-in-class sales representatives. Heads of sales operations, territory alignment, incentive compensation, call planning, field reporting and promotion need timely data and insights on physician access to minimize waste and invest sales resources effectively.

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AccessMonitor™ is a proprietary data source that incorporates the call reports from more than 40,000 sales reps across the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. The report examines how often physicians and other prescribers meet with sales reps and then classifies those doctors as: 1) "accessible" (physicians who met with more than 70% of reps who call on them); 2) "access restricted" (physicians who met with 31-70% percent of reps); or 3) "severely access restricted" (physicians who met with no more than 30% of reps).

AccessMonitor™ offers invaluable data and insights that provide:

  • Sales operations teams with the ability to factor physician access into the size and structure of sales territories, which improves territory alignment and planning. With low- and high-access data in hand, sales leaders can adjust their target lists and call frequencies as well as improve incentive compensation practices.

  • Field management with data on physicians who limit sales rep access, measured by our “No-See Rating” (how often a prescriber will not see a rep during a cycle). We give you accessibility ratings across a broad range of specialties—including oncology, primary care, gastroenterology, cardiology, allergy and many more—which supports reps in their territory planning and call management activities.

  • Marketing with information to better segment by geography, prescriber value and specialty areas; determine which prescribers to reach through other means and media; and understand the impact on message recall, prescription behavior, compliance and other key marketing metrics.

Armed with better access information, sales and marketing teams can ultimately deliver heightened performance.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, ZS is a leader in delivering actionable insights based on rigorous analytics. AccessMonitor™ provides:

  • Data on a wide range of specialties: We report on more than 400,000 prescribers across numerous specialty areas.

  • Customizable data: Subscribers can see the “No-See” ratings by individual physicians, ZIP code, specialty groups and other parameters.

  • Greater objectivity and accuracy: Our data is based on the actual sales call experiences of sales reps, not on market researchers who conduct opinion surveys of physicians. In addition, our data provides a more complete and objective picture of rep access versus internal sales reports alone.

  • Overall trend data: We provide analysis on access trends from previous time periods and explain their potential implications.

With a 30-year history rooted in sales and marketing data analytics, ZS has the capability and capacity to handle sales transaction data of this magnitude.

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