Inform Sales and Marketing with Individual Physician Data

Today, many U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies struggle to get their messages in front of physicians. The challenge? Doctors gather information from more marketing channels than ever before. And with more choices, physicians increasingly prefer to learn about products on their own terms.

For instance, while some physicians will interact with multiple types of promotions, others are more selective. As pharma companies target prescribers at an average of once every hour of the work day through multiple marketing channels, only 46% of physicians are considered “reachable” and meet with pharmaceutical sales reps. This means it’s more crucial than ever before to differentiate strategy so physicians will click on content. The following discoveries will drive solutions for pressing industry questions:

  • Only 46% of physicians are considered accessible for pharma reps based on the 2017 AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™ report, but AffinityMonitor™ data shows that physicians are much more likely to engagement with content they can use in their day-to-day practice. How do we incorporate a physician’s preferences to develop relevant messages?
  • AffinityMonitor™ data reveals that HCPs are more likely to open pharma emails from brands they’re familiar with. How do we become a trusted online information source for our audience?
  • Because each physician gathers information differently, is there a way to determine the best channels to reach a given individual? How do we understand physicians’ preferences so that we can create an integrated sales and marketing plan rather than continue to take an uncoordinated approach?
  • New competitors and margin pressures from payers and providers mean sales and marketing need to do more with less. How can we make promotion more effective and more efficient?

Now there is a way to understand how to best reach the physicians who matter to you: ZS AffinityMonitorTM.

Building on our highly successful AccessMonitorTM, AffinityMonitorTM offers an unparalleled view of how health care professionals engage across pharma and biotech companies’ marketing and sales channels.

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Understand How Over Half a Million Practitioners Engage with Promotions 

Life sciences companies can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing their products. ZS created AffinityMonitorTM to provide reliable information on the ways health care professionals engage with promotions, delivering:

  • Information that shows exactly which marketing and sales channels physicians use. We provide industry benchmarks that go far beyond any one life sciences company’s marketing and sales data.
  • Data encompassing the entire spectrum of sales and marketing channels, including personal and non-personal promotion.
  • Continuous access to AffinityMonitorTM data, which means you can use the information in-house.

How can this data help your sales and marketing programs? ZS AffinityMonitorTM enables you to:

  • Create targeting plans that direct the right channels to specific physicians, based on industry data showing where those doctors have actually engaged in the past.
  • Leverage a variety of analytics such as multichannel sequencing and return on investment (ROI) measurements to determine the profitability of your sales and marketing effort, complemented by real data on how physicians actually behave.
  • Determine where and how to reinforce your sales force promotions with channels such as inside sales, marketing events, emails and mobile device alerts.
  • Develop integrated plans that synchronize the efforts of sales and marketing. This ensures that you use the right channels in the right sequence for each prescriber.

The result? More effective sales and marketing investments – and more satisfied customers. AffinityMonitorTM helps you provide information that physicians want through the channels they actually use, delivering content that doctors need, when and how they need it. And by creating a better experience for physicians, companies can cultivate stronger long-term partnerships.

Through an annual subscription, you receive two reports from AffinityMonitorTM. We update the data twice a year to keep it current, and we ask every AffinityMonitorTM subscriber to contribute data as well, helping to provide greater coverage and value. The names of all life sciences companies and their marketing activities are kept anonymous.

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Why Inform Your Sales and Marketing with AffinityMonitorTM?

Companies need a clearer window into the marketing and sales preferences of U.S. physicians. AffinityMonitorTM delivers this perspective, aligning a group of powerful benefits:

  • AffinityMonitorTM enables you to coordinate your sales and marketing activities with an objective view of customers, based on real data from sales and marketing programs across the pharma and biotech industries.
  • You can see the data yourself – and use it. AffinityMonitorTM subscribers have full access to information on physicians’ marketing and sales engagements.
  • We don’t just tell you which channels physicians use – we tell you how their activity compares across channels, across pharma and biotech companies, and to other physicians.
  • Our data comprises the full range of marketing and sales channels, including both personal (sales force, inside sales) and non-personal (email, e-details, video, direct mail, peer to peer, and many more) promotion.
  • We can help you leverage the data to improve your marketing and sales programs.

We invite you to contact us to see how our new AffinityMonitorTM data product can help make your marketing and sales activities more effective and efficient.

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